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Merry Christmas 2017!

Charlie Brown Christmas Card

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Merry Christmas from the Marsh Peanuts Gallery!

2017 has been a year of both change and settling in for our family. After moving to Michigan in 2015, we were living in a rental home in Flushing until this March when we bought a beautiful new home on 8 acres in the rural (read: corn and cattle field country) Webberville. It’s a wonderful piece of land, mostly wooded with a seasonal pond, plenty of wildlife, and the most beautiful sunrises you’ve ever seen.

Much of the year was spent settling into the new home. Projects this year included a large fenced-in area for the dogs (followed by a never-ending escalation of security and reinforcement against Letzty the escape artist), a shed for the zero-turn/mower/snowblower/leafblower/etc, trail clearing for the Jeeps, and cutting and splitting firewood for the woodburning stove which not only provides heat but a cozy warm heart of the home.

As you can see from the picture, in addition to our 4 previous animals, we've also added 8 new chickens named Henrietta, Truffles (the original two), Hi-ya, Lofty, Soy, Blackbeak, Dusky, and Grayling (Truffle's babies). We are excited to have lots of free-range eggs again and eventually some fresh meat in the spring.

Geoff is now in his third year working as a web developer for Kettering University and successfully launched the website that he was hired two years ago to design, implement, and oversee. It was a soup-to-nuts project that involved requirements gathering, technology and vendor selection, content auditing, and design approvals all the way through editor training and support, launch coordination, and generally updating University processes to ensure more accurate and collaborative data and branding. The launch went smoothly and seamlessly and he is excited to continue with the support and evolution of the site as time goes on.

Dianna is still the team lead for Cub Scout Camping in the Michigan Crossroads Council. She currently oversees 3 year-round properties and all Cub Resident/Family camping opportunities in the state. She had a big summer this year with an increase of 4.7% Cubs camping during the summer over last year and is feeling positive for even more growth this summer. Of course she keeps busy trying to wrangle both (all 3?) boys between the eating, playing, and constant flow of laundry.

Despite the move, we like our daycare enough that Winchester and Rutherford have been joining Geoff in the 40 minute commute to stay with their same daycare.

Winchester, 3, had a very exciting year making lots of new friends, learning, growing, eating, and more growing. He has been trying out new hobbies including taking dance lessons (Dianna and I still can't get his recital song out of our heads), swim lessons at the Y, and reciting all the details of the lastest Rescue Bots episode. He ensures Dianna is busy keeping him in not only clean clothes, but new clothes as well as he continues to keep the tag on his outfits about two years ahead of his actual age. He's independent, vibrant, silly, and coming into his own as a force to be reckoned with.

Rutherford, 1, (aka Cricket aka Sweep), while actually wearing clothes intended for his age, takes after his brother with his hobbit-like eating habits. It's not uncommon in our house to have breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and second dinner (and dessert if they've been good). It's pretty easy to see where all that fuel is going now that he's walking, climbing, giggling, and snuggling constantly. We got lucky a second time with a great sleeper and he's just an all-around great kid.

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The Characters

Rutherford as Charlie Brown

Winchester as Linus

Bean as Schroeder

Bunbun as Lucy

Opie as Pigpen

Letzty as Snoopy

The chickens as woodstock's troop

Geoff as faceless adult #1

Dianna as faceless adult #1


Also known as Cricket (The nickname from Geoff and Daycare because he used to rub his heels together when he got excited), Sweep (Dianna and Winchester's nickname, short for 'sweet pea', and Ford (family nickname) makes a perfect Charlie Brown. Believe it or not, I had to google whether Charlie Brown had hair and Charles Shultz was apparently of the opinion that he *did* have hair. It was just so blonde and whispy that it looked like he was bald. Exactly like our little boy!


Was there really any other option for his besides Linus? It was also part of the urgency to do this card, as he was starting to phase out the thumb sucking and carrying "blanks", his blankie around. (The most recent growth spurt has made him so tired that they're back in full force, but they could go away any day now!)


As the other blonde boy, got cast as Schroeder. I really did try and find a small piano, but it ended up being a photoshop addition


I was pretty pleased with how Bun's Lucy dress came together, especially consider it's actually just a t-shirt cut apart and sewn back together. The sleeve mades the body of it with the collar as the hem and pleats made where the shoulder meets the sleeve!


Ha ha ha. Opie. Pigpen. Perfect.


I debated trying to paint or photoshop Letzty into to proper Snoopy black and white coloring, but hoped that the Scoutmaster's hat (that actually belonged to my grandfather) and the flock of birds would be a strong enough indicator.


I'm not sure if any of them are actually playing the proper Woodstock, but Snoopy needs his flock of scouting birds to follow him around. Truffles is the clear favorite around the house (she's the black one and she's super friendly and even snuggly) and *would* have been Woodstock, but I'll leave it open to interpretation.

Geoff and Dianna

Never wanted to be one of those cards that only puts the kids on where there are plenty of folks who know us, but have never even met our kids, but the theme sort of neccesitated it this year.

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